Fear to Freedom

Learn To Overcome Fear And Enjoy Your Life With Emotional Freedom

It starts to creep in from the moment you wake up.

Before the new day has even fully entered your consciousness, you’re aware something doesn’t feel right.

It builds as you get yourself ready for work, pinching inside your chest as it travels throughout your body.

The radio blasts out the hourly news bulletin on your commute, and you feel it grip tighter still.

It never leaves.

It’s everywhere you look, in every conversation you have.

You witness it in the eyes of your loved ones, even in the eyes of strangers.

Fear is clawing its way through every aspect of your life, controlling it, controlling you.

You know something has to change.

You’re rapidly reaching that crucial tipping point, the point in which a choice must be made.

To let it consume you completely, or to stare it straight in the face, learn about it, understand it and ultimately alchemise it.

You desperately want to be a more positive person, a source of light in people’s lives, and even though you know within your heart of hearts how much you want to make that second choice, it’s as though fear has stolen every other emotion.


You simply don’t know how to even begin to feel anything else.

How could that even be possible when as fast as you consider another way,

the fear rushes in to tell you..

Don’t put yourself out there, you’re safe as long as you keep your head down.
Change is painful, why prod at old wounds?
Opening this door can only end in a meltdown you’ll never recover from.
Don’t expose yourself to shame or vulnerability.

Let me help you.

Let me tune your ears to a different voice, a different perspective, a different truth.

What if I told you that your fear wasn’t really yours, that you’ve taken it on from a source outside of yourself, and you can choose to give it back at any moment?

What if everything you witnessed throughout your day could serve you as a guide for where your focus is needed to create more emotional freedom?

What if I told you you still have control?

That you can learn how to access the emotions that truly belong to you, the ones that fill your life with love, positivity, optimism and even joy?

In Fear to Freedom,

You’ll receive a mixture of coaching and teaching to empower you to take back control of your life, alchemise fear and embrace true freedom.

You’ll learn the energy and the science of emotions and how they are enacted so you can begin to recognise that the fear currently consuming you isn’t really your fear at all.

It belongs to the human collective.

It is being absorbed by you as you move amongst the swarm of low vibrations, dense energies and environments void of hope.

As you begin to understand this, you’ll see that you have the power to separate yourself from the collective vibration, choosing higher ones that not only serve you better, but that also ripple out to others, handing them the power to separate and shift too.

As you tune yourself out of the collective fear programming, you begin to have an effect on everyone around you, as those around you tune out, the ripple effect continues, until eventually, we shift humanity away from fear all together. 

Over 4 weeks, I’ll guide you through: 

You will be nourished inside this container of comfort and safety as I hand you the power to see which areas of life you are holding fear and allowing it to grow.

You will begin to recognise your life as one big mirror, reflecting back to you which perspectives, thought patterns and vibrations you are choosing.

With this power you will liberate yourself from the confinement of reality, knowing all that’s required is a shift from within to change the reflection. 

You’ll receive: 

4x Pre-recorded Modules 

4x Workbooks To Support Your Transformation

4x Live Groups Calls 

(45 Minutes Coaching, 15 Minute Q&A) 

Pay In Full£144

4 x Weekly Payments £37.50

Your true potential is waiting for you. Emotional freedom is possible.

A life without fear is closer than you think.