The Answers Are Closer Than You Think

Life didn’t come with an instruction manual, or did it? 

What if all those questions you chalk up to life’s mysteries actually had very straight forward answers

What if instead of spending years figuring out why the same struggles keep appearing, you had a clear, concise game plan to show you exactly how to overcome them

What if I was to tell you that you came into this world with your own personal handbook, and all it takes is your birth date and a Priestess Numerologist to translate it for you?

Numerology, the ancient language of the Universe, can be used to understand yourself on a deep, transformative, soul level.

By its very nature it is your Soul’s way of communicating to you exactly what you were born to do. 

You no longer need to agonise over your purpose, your calling or “the meaning of life”, it’s all right there, amongst the numbers.

With a Priestess Numerology reading you will discover: 


⪢ How to overcome the challenges of self perception in order to create inner peace and connection 

⪢ They lessons you are supposed to learn from the world around you and from the perceptions of others 

Your personalised strategy for success in all forms 

⪢ How to see, honour and use your natural gifts 

Your life’s purpose

You were told that challenges are simply a part of life to be tolerated – Numerology shows you they are there for you to grow and strengthen from. 

You were told the purpose of life is an unsolved mystery – Numerology empowers you to create a life of true meaning and fulfillment. 

The key to all of the questions you dismissed as unanswerable are celebrated annually, right under your nose. 

Celebrate them daily, use the greatest birthday gift of them all, the one you gave to yourself when you took your first breath. 

Priestess Numerology Readings are available for just £111

When you purchase you will receive: 

⪢ A personalised written Numerology report

⪢ 30 minute 1:1 follow up call