A Journey of Reconnection & Belonging

You are not beginning this year the

same person who ended the last .

2020 dished out more challenges than anyone could conceivably prepare for, and

now “just getting through” has led you to wonder if the person you’ve become 

most socially distanced from is you. 

You’re questioning if you still know yourself. 

If you’ve ever really known what you want

If you’ve ever really trusted the path you find yourself on.

2021 is calling us to return to ourselves.  2021 is set to attempt to isolate us even further than we are now.  2021 is about reconnection, re-membering

You are NOT beginning this year the same person who ended the last, you’re going to (Re)become your TRUE self.

The person you were born to be.


You’re done putting your plans on pause.

You’re done waiting for governments to tell you it’s safe to live.

You’re done simply existing while your dreams, passions and joy are held captive to rot away in a false prison.

“Let’s wait for this to be over” feels more pointless by the day, and deep inside, you know it’s time to take back control of your life


I want you to join me for a

journey of reconnection and belonging.


I want to invite you into a community of

live spaces with like minded people


where you will find the

authentic connection you’ve been craving.  

 Connection with both others, and yourself, as you journey through a process of remembering yourself.

The truth of you has been there all along, and as you shut down the noise and chaos of the outside world, you will shut down the voices that told you who you needed to become. 

You will remember what you

truly want. 

You will remember what you

truly desire. 

You will remember your true

beliefs and true values. 



You will return to the true

essence of yourself

This is wisdom and knowing you have had from the moment you were born. Wisdom you still feel deep within your bones, in the voices that niggle, barely above a whisper.

This is consciousness that is held within the essence of your Soul, the part of you that has guided you to question our current shared reality. The part of you that knows something is off, and is leading the way to the truth.

The truth that you are everything you have ever needed

That you are whole

That you hold infinite understanding and sovereign wisdom

That you are an all powerful being

That your wants, desires and dreams need no permission 

That the only time is now


⪢6 live workshops/coaching calls to release false identities, connect to your 

body wisdom & speak to your Soul

⪢Guided Ascension Tasks

⪢Guided meditations 

⪢A FB community for support and share with each other 

⪢Numerology birth chart reading to discover your purpose

⪢Lifetime access to the Universal Laws classes

⪢Lifetime access to Energy Alchemy training

WAS £2000

NOW £999- SAVE £1001!

Starts January 13th


Pay in full

Total Value: £3000  

Start this year with that hand on heart feeling of truly knowing yourself. Give yourself the gift of true autonomy. It’s TIME to step into your OWN power and not give it away

The fire of empowerment to (re)become who you were always meant to be and create freedom, choice, peace and happiness