The 11 Universal Laws

An Easy System For Attracting All Your Desires & Making Life Work For You

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. You may have even played with it a little.

Perhaps you have a copy of The Secret on your bookshelf and a vision board gathering dust at the back of your storage cupboard. But one thing is for certain… 


You’re not getting what you want out of life, and you don’t know why. 


Manifesting and the Law of Attraction has swept its way into the mainstream, but what the mainstream DOESN’T know is there are actually 11 Universal Laws.

Laws that work together, in support of each other, and when used correctly, crack the code of life itself.

When you understand all 11 Laws and consciously live in alignment with them, the abundance, comfort and unconditional happiness you seek become unavoidable. 

Ever been told life doesn’t come with a manual? It does. 

The 11 Universal Laws give you literal instructions for interpreting what’s happening in your life and how to make it work FOR you.

With an understanding of and trust in these Laws, everything makes sense, everything slots into place.

You have the freedom to witness your life in a way that allows you to create anything you desire, rather than feeling as though you are a victim OF life.

Bad days may still happen occasionally…

but instead of them spiralling into bad weeks, months and even years, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to understand why they are happening, and turn them into a manifesting opportunity.

Yes, you really do have the power to create magic out of mishap. 

This is knowledge the entire world needs. And you have the opportunity to access it today for just £33.

You have the opportunity to learn how to play with life, to see it for the game it is with your automatic pass to winning. 

Imagine a world in which everyone understood their true power, in which life lessons were recognised, navigated and leveraged for good without the need for drawn out emotional reactions.

Imagine a world without anger or fear. 

Imagine your inner world with this knowledge.

What would you be able to provide for yourself and your loved ones if you knew how to expand, release and create on demand?

For only £33

You’ll receive:

Δ Video Lessons On All 11 Universal Laws 

Δ Accompanying Visual Learning Materials

Δ A Workbook To Help Integrate Them Into Your Life


The Law of Alchemy, 1 of the 11 Universal Laws unlocks the power you have to literally transform emotions and situations into more positive outcomes, and I’ve created an in depth training for putting this into action.

Add on my Energy Alchemy class (Value: £33)

Living in alignment with these Laws unlocks a level of consciousness within you that protects you from the world’s “disasters”.

You become unavailable for anything that exists below love & kindness – even a global recession.

And with this consciousness, you have the power to lift up others, to help them access their own potential, to act as the catalyst for growth and transformation for both those in your life, and the whole world.

This is information you can’t afford to miss!