Transform Your Life From Grey & Mundane To Vibrant, Abundant & Colourful in 8 Weeks

Take a look around you. Your job, your home, your relationship.

Take this moment to really see it all. And allow yourself the question you’ve been terrified to ask. 

Is this really what I wanted?” 

Life has been feeling flat, mundane, lifeless, for longer than you’ve cared to acknowledge.

But as we find ourselves in a time where our most existential questions become unavoidable, you’re starting to wonder, this can’t be all there is.

There HAS to be something different, something more.

It’s been calling to you for a long time. But the greyness of the world around you has blurred your senses and led you to fixing the symptoms, not the cause. 

The toxic relationship you left only to find yourself in an identical affair what feels like only moments later. 

The friendships you cut out only to walk straight into another circle of social acquaintances who don’t respect your brilliance and uniqueness. 

The career hopping, job surfing and “horrible bosses” that follow you wherever you go. 

They are all external mirrors of something much deeper. Something inside of you that needs to be felt, witnessed, healed and brought into full colour so the world around you can reflect that colour too. 

Your Life In Technicolour will take you on an 8 week journey to experience just that.

 Through a series of video trainings, workbooks and live coaching you’ll be guided to a place of ultra clear vision.

You will SEE for the first time in a long time EXACTLY what needs to change for you to experience the vibrant and abundant life you deserve.

I will hold space for you to go deep within and create a new world around you in full colour.

You do not need to settle a moment longer.

“Fine” is not acceptable. You were born for and are worthy of much much more than “just ok”.

The expectations of others you have allowed to rule, the “shoulds” you have followed to get you where you are have blinded you to the truth.

The truth Your Life In Technicolour will reveal to you.

You’ll Receive

7x 1 hour group coaching calls 

8x Video trainings with accompanying workbooks 

2x Live Q&A Calls with me on weeks 5 & 8 

Private Facebook group to connect with the group and receive extra guidance from me

The opportunity to add on a private, 1-1 coaching session with me if you wish 

Value: £2920 

You Pay: £365


You’ll also receive a full Numerology report, decoding the numbers of your birth date to provide you with your unique soul path and blueprint for life!

(Value: £111)

Week One -Your Life Right Now

How does your life look & feel to you right now?

How did you get to this point?

What needs to change?

Looking at the questions you were afraid to ask and be answered 

Week Two - STOP. Be Still. Meditation

What meditation ISN’T

Downloaded meditation with Emma

Allowing yourself space

Connecting to SELF

Securing a sacred practice

Week Three - Thoughts Become Things _ Universal Laws

What ARE they?

Why know about them?

Incorporating them into daily life

Keeping our awareness of our thoughts and our actions

How to expand into our new life desires

Week Four - How to CHOOSE your Emotional Energy

A tool to empower you to CHOOSE to change your emotional energy

How to use the emotional guidance scale

How this links to the universal laws

How to use it to change your outlook and reponses

Week Five - Implementation Week

A live Q&A with Emma

Space for discussion

Recapping over learning so far

Holding space for one another

Week Six - Embracing Your Path - Numerology

Um, what now?

You will receive your own personalised Numerology report

Blowing your mind with your life blueprint

How to work with your gifts and challenges

Using your chart to PROPEL yourself into our life desires


Week Seven - Forgiving The Past

Why forgive?

Forgiving to move forwards

It is NOT about the other person

Letting go of the old narrative that doesn’t serve you

Week Eight - Your Womb Cave . Your Period Cycle

Understanding it

Working WITH it not AGAINST it

Embracing the power

Understanding our emotions and responses through our cycle

Also includes a live Q&A with Emma

Take a look around you.

Take this moment to really see it all, and decide that THIS is the moment you will put yourself first.

Decide that this moment is THE perfect timing, that out of all the “stuff” you have to do right now, nothing is more important than bringing your life into the full vibrant, abundant technicolour you desire.  

When you live in full colour, everything you do, everyone you impact and everything you experience is in colour too. This isn’t only about you, this is the moment of transformation for everyone you love too.

Pay in full

2x monthly payments

3x monthly payments

Want to add a 1:1 coaching Session?

Pay in full

2x monthly payments

3x monthly payments