Life told you who you are.

Life prescribed you a clear path.

But that path is uninspired, flat and joyless.

The words you read here will be the catalyst for your escape.

When was the last time you questioned the way things are?

Yesterday? Last week? Never?

Life hasn’t taught you – you’re allowed to question.

It taught you imagination was a privilege awarded only to children, and as you stepped over the threshold of womanhood, it sounded a loud and clear

“Congratulations, you are now an adult, please leave all play, potential and hope at the door.” 

And you diligently cashed in your prescription. Found the job. Paid the bills. Sacrificed your dreams.  

But now, as you step on the treadmill for the millionth Monday, only to hop off again on Friday literally sick and tired, you know that something’s missing. You know this can’t be all there is. And you’ve a hunch you can’t ignore, screaming there must be another way. 

There is, and you get to choose